DIY Installation

The Game of Stones DIY guide for paving gives you a list of tools, materials and basic instructions for installation.

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  • Installation Process
    • Measure the area and calculate how many pavers and how much sand is needed.
    • Level the area taking drainage and water runoff into account.
    • Compact the ground and lay landscaping fabric to minimise the chances of weed growth.
    • Lay river sand over the compacted area at around 4 to 5 centimetres in thickness.
    • Start laying the pavers and use builders line to ensure straight lines. Hammer the bricks in place to ensure they are secure and leave a small gap at the edge of walls to allow for variances.
    • Continue adding pavers in the desired pattern, leaving the outside edges until last so that pavers can be cut to fill in. If you need to cut pavers to fit use an angle grinder with a diamond cutting blade.
    • Once all the pavers have been layed fill in the gaps with fine sand using a broom or brush. A small amount of cement can be added if required.
    • Lightly spray the surface of the paving using a fine mist spray head on your hosepipe.
  • Tools
    • Builder’s line, fishing gut or string
    • Wood stakes
    • Rubber mallet
    • Angle grinder
    • Brush or broom
    • Compactor
    • Spade
    • Pick
    • Rake
    • Spirit level
    • Straightedge
    • Trowel
  • Materials
    • Pavers
    • River sand
    • Fine sand
    • Cement